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One woman combats demons who have come to the modern world in NAGATOUI’s Devils’ Night Party, available on Steam.

Devils’ Night Party is an RPG Maker game with simple turn-based combat. In the game, a lost document states that “When people forget ‘him,' we’ll probably see a million devils partying in modern times…” This statement has come to fruition and a heroine in a skintight suit, Natsuno Yamazakura, will fight to protect world peace. Since the game is more centered around the sex scenes you get after being defeated in battle, the enemies will be much stronger than you and the battles involve less fighting.

Enemies are visible on your map so you can choose to ignore them if you want. If you do walk into them, there is a high chance you will lose the battle so try to flee the battle. During battle, the enemies can sexually assault Natsuno, causing her to lose health points. As she takes more pleasure, her HP will drop more easily. Once her HP reaches zero, she will be penetrated and creampied by the enemy, but her HP and NP will be restored. You will not get an official game over until Natsuno’s womb is completely filled with cum. There are numerous kinds of creatures that will face off against our heroine including orcs, tentacles, humans, plants, and other monstrosities.


◇The HCGs range from being penetrated by humans and orcs to being violated by tentacles, plants and fleshy tails.

◇Battle scenes will gradually change according to the enemy's attacks

◇The main character, Natsuno Yamazakura (V.A.: Izumi Mikoshiba), is fully voiced during the battle!

◇Easy to use system including fast forward animation

You can purchase Devils’ Night Party on Steam for $8.99.

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