If it's a hole, it's a goal.

Champion of Venus, a sex battle royale visual novel by Umbrelloid, has left early access and is now available on Steam and Itch.io.

Champion of Venus is a sexual battle royale with action, mystery and comedy elements. The story follows a layabout NEET named Rayne, who hasn’t done much with her life: she’s spent most of it browsing the internet from the couch at her sister Tayla’s place. This idyllic, if irresponsible lifestyle comes to an end when Tayla suddenly disappears. Having no idea as to her whereabouts or when she could potentially return, Rayne now has to learn how to support herself. For many young people, this would be a common realization; to Rayne, it quickly becomes a matter of literal survival.

During one of her lazy days, Rayne is approached by a beautiful woman who appears at Tayla’s home unannounced. With few words, the woman embraces her, announcing that Rayne is now her champion. The charming figure turns out to be Venus, the goddess of love. Tayla was one of her apostles and was supposed to represent her in an upcoming competition between gods. Unaware of Tayla’s disappearance, Venus mistakenly marked Rayne as her champion, putting her life in great danger.

In the upcoming tournaments, the champions of various gods will be forced to perform sexual acts on each other. The most enduring apostle will earn a victory for their god, while losers become slaves of the victor. It’s not as simple as an orgy, though, as gods can grant boons to their participants, be it supernatural skills, insanely oversized genitals, or tentacled limbs. As it happens, Rayne is not only in poor physical condition, but also a virgin: she’s more than likely to end up as a slave before the tournament’s end. What ensues is a ridiculous story of friendship, sex between all genders, godlike futanari powers, and absurd forms of penetration.

Ambrosia - the essence of lust.

You play as Rayne: a waste of space, a layabout and a pervert. She's spent her adult life depending on her supermodel sister, Tayla, for everything from her unhealthy diet to her 24/7 internet addiction.

Rayne's slovenly lifestyle is about to change.

Who will claim the Throne of Eros?

When Tayla moves out, Rayne must fend for herself - but how's a girl supposed to pay rent when she's suddenly sucked into an ages-old conflict between the gods of lust? Chosen by Venus, she must confront the other gods' champions in bouts of sexual domination. But despite her scandalous search history, Rayne's a virgin, and she needs to learn fast if she wants to stand a chance.

For the price of failure is eternal servitude...

Champion of Venus is an erotic visual novel packed with explicit depictions and lurid descriptions of: extremely large phalluses entering shockingly stretchy holes, hot girls with toned tummies, bellies being inflated, guys pounding girls, girls pounding boys, girls pounding girls, milk flowing copiously from enormous juicy mammaries, hordes of tentacles plunging into quivering depths, big vibrating toys, gags and blindfolds, and an enigmatic rat. Your choices determine which scenes are shown and how Rayne's relationship evolves with the various characters.

Champion of Venus is now available on Steam and Itch.io for $5.99.

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