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Four succubi fight to claim the throne in the RPG and simulator game, Project Cappuccino 2 - The Succubus Throne.

Project Cappuccino 2 - The Succubus Throne is the sequel to Tentakero’s Project Cappuccino. Two years after the events of the first game, the balance of the underworld has been disrupted after the Succubus Queen was dethroned. With the throne up for grabs and the four domains are desperate to claim it, a tournament is held to choose the next Succubus Queen. Each domain sends their best succubus to enter the competition and claim the throne. There are eight routes in the game: four succubi and four humans. The human routes feature the daily lives of the girls from the first game. Routes can be played in any order.

You play as a handler to the succubus of your choice. Each succubus has their own difficulty level and stats, which can be changed with training. After picking your succubus, you'll be able to customize your character’s skin color, tongue, genitals, breasts, gender identity, and domain. While some scenes are only available for specific genders, shapeshifting magic and strap-ons can be used as a workaround. You can also choose your breast size: ranging from small, medium, large, huge, and none. While most of these customizations are for aesthetics, choosing your domain will decide what skills your succubus can improve in and which abilities she will learn. For example, the Domain of Conjuration will give your succubus bonuses to charm and the ability to shapeshift.

Training is an interactive game mechanic where you choose methods to increase your succubus’ stats and provide them with advantages. You can purchase rooms, toys, and other items to use with them from the shop. Each succubus has her own preferences so training that works well on one girl might have the opposite effect on another. Find out what works best for the succubus you’re training. If you are low on cash and wish to buy more sex toys, you can earn money by playing a rhythm minigame. If you want to train your favorite girl without any limitations, you can use the Free Play mode. This mode will let you pick one of the girls and unlock all of the items to use however you want.

Tentakero needs $20,000 to fund Project Cappuccino 2. If they reach their goal before the deadline, they have tent stretch goals to aim for.

At $25,000, they will make a bonus epilogue where the underworld cast and the human cast will meet each other.

At $30,000, Nefta will be added to the free play mode scenes.

At $35,000, Labrys, Mabie, and Lucretia will be added to the Free Play mode as post game unlockables.

At $40,000, partial voice acting will be added to the game.

At $50,000, three additional villains from the main story will be added to the free play mode.

At $60,000, succubus versions of the human cast will be added to the Free Play mode.

At $70,000, full voice acting will be added to the game.

At $80,000, a bonus interactive H-scene will be voted on by the community and added to the game.

At $100,000, another interactive H-scene will be voted on and added.

At $150,000, Doku, the game’s artist, will create a panorama of all the main characters in a sexy succubus rendition of The Last Supper.

There are six reward tiers, if you would like to fund this campaign.

For $10, Fledgling Succubus, you will receive an early access copy of Project Cappuccino 2 on or Steam.

For $25, Succubus, you will receive rewards from the previous tier, a digital copy of Project Cappuccino 1 on Steam and, a Discord role with access to content in development, and your name in the credits.

For $50, Arch Succubus, you will receive all the rewards from the previous tier, a digital art book, and the game’s soundtrack.

For $100, Succubus Queen, you will receive all previous reward tiers and the opportunity to add an Easter Egg in the game. The Easter Ggg can take the form of a hidden object or extra dialogue. Some rules and restrictions will apply.

For $200, Lord of the Underworld, you will receive all previous reward tiers and the opportunity to create an outfit for a character. Outfits must be original or a unique twist on an existing idea. Just like the last reward tier, there will be some restrictions that the developer will discuss with the backer.

For $500, Ultimate Succubus Lover, you will receive rewards from previous tiers, and a special animated H-scene featuring the Project Cappuccino character of your choice. The H-scene will be a looping animation that can be accessed in a special section of the game.

The campaign for Project Cappuccino 2 - The Succubus Throne ends on June 14th. As of writing this article, Tentakero has raised $3,450 of their $20,000 goal. If you want to learn more about the game, consider checking out the Kickstarter. A demo is also available on

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