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Yuri Drama Salome's Kiss Now Available on FAKKU

Salome's Kiss, a Victorian yuri romance drama by ebi-hime, is now available for purchase on FAKKU.

Salome's Kiss is a romance drama set during the Victorian era. The story’s protagonist, Letitia Reed, is a mild-mannered woman working as a governess. Her duties are that of a paid caretaker to the estate’s children. Unlike a typical maid, this doesn’t make her a servant to the estate, but at the same time, she’s not recognized as part of the family.

Letitia Reed is of lower class and merely meant to help her ward mature. As this happens, and the young Clara starts getting older, Letitia begins to develop romantic feelings for her. To prevent herself from going out of line, she decides to change her employment and applies for the position of governess at a different estate in Yorkshire, far from her current position in London.

Already aware of her homosexuality, Letitia is shocked to discover that her new ward is not a child, but an already-matured woman. The eighteen year-old Genevieve has been such a handful to her parents that they’ve decided to hire a governess, in spite of her age. She’s assertive, thoughtless, and charming. It doesn’t take long before Letitia develops new feelings, this time falling for Genevieve.

The story of Salome’s Kiss is linear, withoutany choices or detours. The visual novel features an estimated four to eight hours of content with detailed artwork, custom music, and three erotic scenes.

Letitia Reed is an unremarkable woman in many aspects. Meek and mild, she prefers to keep her head down, and fears drawing undue attention to herself. As a governess to the wealthy Mortimer family, Letitia devotes her humdrum days in London to the schooling of her pupil, Clara, to better mould her into the image of an ideal lady.

Lurking beneath Letitia’s placid mannerisms, however, lay desires so intense they begin to unnerve her. As Clara matures, Letitia finds her feelings towards her maturing too – until, in the end, she can no longer bear it.

Driven to distraction by Clara’s sensuous brown eyes and her sweet, seraphic laughter, Letitia soon begins to question her sanity. Fearful that, eventually, something within her might snap, and she will do something she regrets, Letitia is bidden to leave her former place of employment, and to seek out work elsewhere.

Fortunately, Letitia soon discovers, in the pages of The Morning Post, a job offer which will grant her a means to escape her predicament. The Langley family are searching for a governess for their daughter, the unruly Genevieve – and, best of all, the family resides in the isolated Yorkshire moors, which seems as far away from London as it is possible to get.

Upon reading this advertisement, Letitia soon decides to hand in her notice. She will travel to Yorkshire, become Genevieve’s governess, and then – God willing – she will be able to forget about Clara.

Such was Letitia’s plan – but this plan, alas, soon goes horribly awry. Genevieve is not quite so young as Letitia first believed, and is, instead, a grown woman: already eighteen years of age. Genevieve is wilful and impetuous, but impossibly charming, and Letitia soon falls for her.

As time passes, the two women get far closer than a governess and her pupil ought, and then…

Salome's Kiss is now available on FAKKU for the promotional price of $10.39, where it will later cost $12.99. In the past, the visual novel was also released on Steam and, where it remains available at full price. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed separately using a free DLC.

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