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Her Secret, a turn-based dungeon crawler set in a mysterious dungeon, is being developed by Mona’s Stories and is playable on Itch.io.

Her Secret is a fantasy RPG set in a mysterious dungeon. The protagonist and his elven partner, Mona, enter the underground tunnels to explore them, but get trapped inside when a cave-in closes the entrance off behind them. With no other choice, the duo venture deeper into the dungeon together.

The game focuses on turn-based tactics combat, presented through a board game aesthetic. Each level of the dungeon features multiple tiled rooms crawling with enemies. Players have to carefully position their hero to slay the enemies before getting overwhelmed. The attacking side has to roll a die to determine the success of their action, with the amount of successful sides on the die defined by the enemy’s attack or the player’s equipment. New items can be found in rooms, while killing monsters provides experience points. Each time the player levels up, they can choose a new passive bonus for their character.

In the current preview build of Her Secret, players can explore three levels within the cave. While there, they will come across the blue-skinned Anya, a seemingly demonic creature torturing and pleasuring an unknown man in BDSM performances. Sex scenes in the game feature 2D animation and fully-voiced dialogue. Players who prefer to focus on the erotic and storytelling aspects of the game can make use of the game's easy mode, which makes their hero immortal. Future of builds of the game will expand the story further with new levels, monsters, items, perks, and additional sex scenes.

Enter a mysterious dungeon full of sex, strange creatures and their mistress. Can you reveal her secret? Hentai - Adult - NSFW...

Patreon (April Edition)

Sign up for "Guardian of Mysteries" to unlock:

* Includes all Free (Early Access) content

* Continued storyline beyond cave 3

* Additional sex scenes, CGs, voice-overs

* Additional caves, mobs, items, perks

* Monthly content updates

* Exclusive Patreon feed with weekly updates

* Exclusive Discord role, channels and support

* Hot wire to submit feedback and share ideas

* Mona's eternal love <3

You can play the public build of Her Secret in your browser on Itch.io. If you’d like to learn more about the project and receive access to its latest iteration, you can support Mona’s Stories on Patreon.

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