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The Agnietta ~The holy healer & the cursed dungeon~, an action RPG about a heroine's quest to purify a monster-infested dungeon, has released on Steam.

The Agnietta ~The holy healer & the cursed dungeon~ is a 2D RPG developed by B-flat and published by Mango Party, in which a pure healer is ravaged by insect-like creators. Demyra is a divine healer who isn’t skilled in combat arts, but still yearns to prove herself. Within ancient ruins that were once sealed by the Goddess emanates a menacing aura. The church sends Demyra to investigate and purify the cursed dungeon, but with lustful demons and revolting creatures roaming the dungeon, the task may prove to be more than she can handle.

Players will be able to the dungeon and fight against different kinds of monsters in real time. Perverted monsters can attach themselves onto Demyra like parasites and give her status effects, which will be needed to solve puzzles. There are multiple status effect combinations possible and they even appear on her character sprite, encouraging experimentation. Depending on Demyra’s status, players can decide whether she will fight, escape, or fuck the monsters. As she encounters more monsters, she will learn additional skills for attack, defense, and status effects.

There are no immediate game overs after being defeated in combat, but a parasite will remain on Demyra. Too many negative status effects can warp Demyra’s mind and — how corrupted she becomes can change the course of the story.

You can purchase The Agnietta ~The holy healer & the cursed dungeon~ on sale from Steam for $8.99. After April 28th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $9.99.

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