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Become the manager at a café and charm four lovely “ladies” in Girls! Girls! Girls!?

We have written about Girls! Girls! Girls!? When Myosuki opened a Kickstarter for the game back in October of 2020. After the campaign, they managed to raise $61,557 to create the otokonoko visual novel. The story takes place in the lively town of Akihabara where Girls! Girls! Girls!?, an otokonoko maid café, is located. You’ve become the new manager of this café and it is your job to handle unruly customers, work on advertisements, and get to know the adorable maids.

In this slice of life romance, you can choose to go on dates and pursue one of the “girls.” The four maids include the glamorous and fashionable Hayase Kaede; the athletic animal lover, Ayase Yuzu; the mean “big sister,” Nanase Nagisa; and the graceful freelance model, Kaduki Sena. While each of the maids has their own route, you can choose all of them in the harem route. Your choices determine your ending and whether they will open their hearts to you.

Key features of Girls! Girls! Girls!? include:

● 25 stunning CGs, including both NSFW and SFW variations

● Fully animated characters, brought to life by the talented 骨盤少女-tommy

● 6 different endings, offering over 15 hours of gameplay

● Breathtaking visuals that immerse players in the vibrant world of Akihabara

● Heartwarming soundtracks composed by the talented newcomer, Emmanuel Huazo

You can purchase Girls! Girls! Girls!? On sale for $26.99 from Steam, (where it'll return to $29.99 after the sale ends on April 26th), $35.95 from MangaGamer, and $35.99 from Itch.io, JASTUSA, and Denpasoft. If you are planning to get the game from Steam, you will need to buy the adult patch through Myosuki’s Discord server. There is a Kickstarter demo on Steam and Itch.io, but keep in mind that it may differ from the finished product.

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