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Isekai Parlor Simulator is a fantasy brothel management game currently developed by Studio Echydna.

Isekai Parlor Simulator tasks players with managing a newly-built sex parlor. The game’s protagonist isn’t from this world, instead reincarnating into it after dying. Originally, he considered becoming an adventurer, but after giving it a shot, he quickly realized he simply wasn’t built for that kind of life. Having befriended a lamia, he instead decided to start a new business with her. Since there's no stigma around sex and prostitution in this world, the two ended up deciding to start an adult parlor together.

Throughout the game, players have to hire and manage new courtesans for their establishment. Each of the girls has several stats related to various skills they can use on the job, as well as their general beauty and fetish characteristics, such as race or breast size. Players have to pair the girls as best as they can to maximize daily income. Money can then be used to expand the parlor with new floors and rooms, purchase consumables, or train the girls.

Each day is divided into four segments, which limits certain actions. Girls can be given vacation time only during the early hours, and if players want to advertise their establishment, they can only do so in the evenings. As players service customers, their reputation will grow, unlocking new options and increasing the limit for how much can be borrowed from the bank.

The current public demo for Isekai Parlor Simulator features a variety of races and looks for heroines, with more options coming in future updates. The game is presented using a pixel art aesthetic, with animated sprites playing during the execution of each time period.

IPS is a management game where you build your very own Monster Girl Parlor from the ground up. As your reputation grows, you will unlock new races, items, perks and wealthier customers, but they will be harder to please. Don't forget to manage your girls carefully and take care of them!

The free version will always be at least 2 major updates behind the supporter version.

In the near future we plan to add more races, a solo mode with story and H-scenes, more gameplay, more polish, more art diversity...

You can check out the demo for Isekai Parlor Simulator on If you’d like to support the project and gain access to the latest build, you can support the game’s development on Studio Echydna’s SubscribeStar.

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