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Open At Nine, a fantasy brothel management simulator by Black Cat Entertainment, has been published by Mango Party on Steam.

Open At Nine is a fantasy brothel management game in which players take the role of a chosen hero. In his valiant efforts, the protagonist defeated the Demon God himself, saving everyone from certain doom; however, his battle directly caused massive collateral damage, leaving the king furious. Rather than reward the hero, the king instead burdened him with a debt to repay the damages. To help him repay the debt, he’s put in charge of a brothel recently opened by a succubus.

Throughout Open At Nine, players will struggle to collect enough money to pay off the hero’s debts. The player’s main task is to match available prostitutes with clients based on their preferences. The client’s stats dictate which heroine will be the best pair for him, while the girl’s stats make her perform better in specific types of private rooms; the better the combination, the higher the earnings.

The game features 10 heroines to employ at your establishment, from elves and catgirls, up to demons, slimes, and even an undead lich. Each heroine has their own stats, which can be bolstered using consumable items. As you manage the brothel and progress through the story, you’ll have the chance to see each of them in action, with 20 animated scenes to discover.

💟 Synopsis 💟

“Massive debt, a shabby brothel, and a naughty succubus… This is all I get for defeating the Demon God?!” Hire monster girls to attract customers and pay off your debts! Don't forget to give your girls lots of hands-on job training!

💟 Gameplay 💟

Open at Nine is a brothel management simulation game. Pair your girls with the right clients and assign them a room based on their preferences. Earn money based on customer satisfaction to pay off your debt. Use your “mighty sword” to level up your monster girls by initiating intimate “job training” sessions.

Open At Nine is now available on Steam for $9.99.

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