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Slice-of-Life RPG Nasty Sex Friend with Plump Girl Friend Now Available on

Nasty Sex Friend with Plump Girl Friend, a slice-of-life RPG about having sex at school by ManiaClub, has been published on by MediBang.

Nasty Sex Friend with Plump Girl Friend is a slice-of-life game centered around a depressed student and an overweight girl who’s taken pity on him. Kenichi quickly became depressed after the girl he liked rejected his confession, with Megumi being the first to notice his dour mood. She offered to comfort him during this time, even agreeing to have sex with the boy. This eventually allowed the young man to recover from his slump, though the two of them didn’t stop their activities there.

Throughout the short game, players take control of Kenichi after his relationship with Megumi began. You can ask the heroine to follow you to various locations throughout the school to have sex with her. In each potential location, you’ll have to check for the presence of other people, investigating behind curtains and even inside lockers. The goal is to find all the locations where Kenichi and Megumi can enjoy themselves together.

** Story


When he was depressed, Megumi, his childhood friend comforted him.

Kenichi was heavily depressed, so Megumi tried to comfort him by sleeping with him.

Even after Kenichi becomes fine, they make love each other for a while.

She is a little ugly and plump girl, so he felt easy on her.

The plump girl would follow you whatever you say to her.

And they feel nice when you hold 'em.

Let's see how this couple, a sexually active boy and a plump girl end.

** System

Improve yourself to be a nice guy!

The main character, Kenichi, doesn't have confidence. But after he had his first sex, he becomes more confident.

In the gym warehouse, school infirmary, and even in the classroom. The puberty boy doesn't know how to stop his sexuality.

Let's call the girl to take care of his sexual desire.

What you can't do with pretty girls, you can do with a little ugly girl.

Yes, as you can see, school is a place for sex!

Nasty Sex Friend with Plump Girl Friend is now available on for $9.00.

An older release of the game can also be purchased from DLsite, where it's currently available at the promotional price of $5.31 (estimated from ¥715) until May 15th, at which point it will cost $10.62 (estimated from ¥1,430). A demo of the game is also available on the DLsite store page.

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