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Stigmata of Sacrilege, an adult fantasy RPG about a nun by Kleitos, has been published by Kagura Games on Steam, GOG, and their own storefront.

Stigmata of Sacrilege is a fantasy RPG about a nun blessed with a sign from the lord, which destines her to become the next saint. She’s the first person to receive this blessing in the past century. However, being chosen is only the beginning of her trials. To fully ascend into sainthood, Sophine now has to perform a pilgrimage to the kingdom’s holy sites and receive their blessings. To her dismay, these sacred lands have become corrupted dungeons, inhabited by dangerous demons.

Throughout the short game, players will explore a collection of maze-like dungeons, each related to one of the holy sites. Combat takes place in real-time, with the nun being able to avoid attacks and dish out her own punishment, as well as utilize items found during exploration. Each dungeon ends with a unique boss featuring challenging attack patterns. Failing at any step of her journey will leave Sophie at the mercy of demons, who will readily abuse her body when given the chance.

Upon her initiation into the Sisters of Exorcism, the beautiful nun with golden locks, Sophie, is blessed with a sign from the Lord that she is fated to become the next saint, the first in hundreds of years. To do this, she must overcome her trials for sainthood and seek blessings from various holy sites that have become dungeons. In these places, many devious and nefarious demons stand in her way. How her mind will blossom is up to you.


This action RPG is filled with many enemies and bosses, all with unique attack patterns.

Stigmata of Sacrilege is now available on Steam, Kagura Games and GOG for the promotional price of $8.99 until April 21st, at which point it will cost $9.99. Adult content for the Steam version needs to be installed separately using a patch found on the publisher’s website. The GOG edition makes use of an unrated DLC instead.

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