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Sewell Plaza, an adventure game about becoming upstart detective to uncover mysteries, is currently in development and playable on Itch.io.

Sewell Plaza is a dating sim developed by Lovebound, and is the first game by the developer. The title is set in a distant future where humanity managed to survive “catastrophic events” and now live together in small communities inside buildings. The game's protagonist is Steve (whose name can be changed), a young man who lost his father to a car accident when he was a child. When he became an adult, he aspired to become a detective just like his dad. After Steve completed a test to prove he was truly ready as a detective, his landlady, Olivia, gave him something left behind by his father. He soon realizes that the happy little community he lives in isn’t as perfect as it seems.

The gameplay is that of an adventure game mixed with dating sim and investigation elements. Players will be able to explore different locations and interact with characters to complete quests. There is a daily system in place, wherein characters follow their own unique schedules. As a result, some characters cannot be interacted with during certain times of day. Players can also speak with Olivia to get a better understanding of the other tenants' schedules.

Some quests will require the use of deduction skills to examine clues and identify suspects. If you choose the correct culprit, you will increase affection, but choosing incorrectly will result in affection going down. Other quests could also be simpler tasks, such as gathering items or information. The current build of the game includes scenes with MILFs and handjobs, but Lovebound currently plans to add scenes featuring anal, exhibitionism, blowjobs, group sex, harem, impregnation, milking, orgy, and more.

You can download the current build of Sewell Plaza for free on Itch.io. If you enjoy the game, consider checking out Lovebound’s Patreon.

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