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PATTERN SCREAMERS, Strange Girl and Fouzi’s interactive visual novel about a hikkikomori, is now available for purchase on

In PATTERN SCREAMERS, you play as a hikkikomori who is getting evicted from their apartment. While looking online for a job and a new place to live, you find a job offering and board: a woman wants someone to write a biography for her and wants the writer to live at the mansion with her. After three years of being alone, you want to make something of yourself, so you call the woman and hitchhike over to the job interview. Upon arrival, a quiet maid leads the way to an elegant lady who introduces herself as Charlotte, the one who wanted the biography. She provides you with a room to stay in and allows you to explore all a round the mansion — except for the second floor and the room with the red door. What you will soon come to realize is that all the women in this place are mad.

PATTERN SCREAMERS is a visual novel that allows you to interact with the world and talk to characters in various ways. There are five ways to interact with parts of the world: look, think, talk, show, and check. Look will let you observe the room you are in; think will show your thoughts on the person in front of you or your current situation; show will allow you to show someone an item in your inventory; and check will let you interact with objects in the room, such as doors. You can move around the manor by opening the map and trigger different story events by checking areas.


- Unique storyline with SCP-inspired lore

- 9,000+ words of dialogue

- Interactive map system

- Full-panel illustrations

- Animated scenes

- Suspense, horror, thriller

You can purchase PATTERN SCREAMERS on for $9.99. There is also a short demo available on the store page as well.

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