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Mechaneer Resta's Grand Adventure, a platformer about a robot uprising by Resta! has been published by Kagura Games on Steam, GOG, and their own storefront.

Mechaneer Resta's Grand Adventure is a platformer and shooter set in a futuristic world. The game’s heroine is an avid inventor, undeterred by her successes or explosive failures. One day, when robots rebel and turn against humanity, Resta decides to do her best to save everyone; especially when the villain behind the incident, an eccentric girl named Frezero, is revealed to hold a grudge against the heroine.

The game features a set of linear levels in which players have to overcome various traps, platforming challenges, and robotic enemies. While platforming, players can collect gold coins to purchase upgrades. There are also numerous weapons for Resta to unlock throughout her short adventure.

Each stage ends with a boss fight against a particularly dangerous and intelligent robot. Depending on their loss or victory, players can unlock various erotic scenes from these encounters.

Resta lives happily as an inventor in a small city.

But her normal life is shattered when the robots around town go berserk and begin wrecking everything in sight.

It's up to Resta and her good friend Curie to uncover the truth behind the incident and put an end to the chaos!

Exciting Boss Fights

Each level contains a unique boss fight to challenge your skills!

Variety of Weapons

There are a number of weapons to unlock, each with its own functionality. Collect them all!

Engaging Story

Discover the truth behind the robot incident as well as Frezero's real motives!

Mechaneer Resta's Grand Adventure is now available on Steam, Kagura Games, and GOG for $14.99. Adult content for the Steam version of the game requires a free patch available on the publisher’s website, while the GOG version uses its own unrated DLC.

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