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An English translation patch for Charon’s menhara visual novel, Princess Cage, has been released on

A user on, known as jjedi1234, has released an English patch for one of Charon’s visual novels, Princess Cage. Charon is best known for their games with cute yandere and menhera girls and bad endings, such as VANILLA GARDEN OF JUDGMENT and Menherafflesia. Jjedi1234 wanted to translate this work in particular to share Charon’s take on H-content with a western audience.

In this romantic adventure, players follow Tetsuro, a host in Kabukicho that takes care of menhera girls. Women will pay any price to get his affection and he gives them the attention they desire. One day, a lonely girl named Asuka enters the club in search of true love and Tetsuro considers seducing her into becoming his customer, but she questions his motives.

Princess Cage is a short eroge spanning 1-2 hours, with four short H-scenes. While the game has violence and insanity on the part of the heroines, the game features no guro content. There are five bad endings, one happy(?) ending, and one another distinct ending. Your choices will affect the outcome of the game. Whether you become the number one host, abuse your customers, or follow your heart is up to you.

Stuff this VN has:

- H Content: There's some, no question, but it's not the main draw. I believe there's 3 H-Scenes in total; technically there's a very brief 4th. All of them are quick.

- Violent content: Yes, there is lots of insanity and violence from anime ladies here. One of them is really messed up in the head.

- And in case you were worried: There's no guro. The closest H Content and Violence combine here is a CG of a naked anime lady with blood on her.

- There's some Japanese culture stuff in here. It looks like Charon put in some context to explain some things in the original JP release, and I've also put in some context of my own for the things Charon didn't cover.

- The VN is quick. It should take around 1-2 hours to finish.

- There's one main route - you can't choose a girl here. There's also a ten minute extras section after clearing the VN.

- There's 5 BAD END, 1 HAPPY(?) END, 1 ANOTHER END. ANOTHER END is the end of the linear extra content, and the HAPPY END is actually a "TO BE CONTINUED...".

- I believe Charon wants this VN to be the first part of a multi-parter, though the story is still self-contained. There are no notable loose story threads here - if Part 2 never materializes, Princess Cage can stand on its own.

This patch translates all the text of the main route and the extra content, the content warning you see at the start, the game window title, and the main menu options. Credits are left untouched.

You can purchase Princess Cage on Steam for $13.99, while the English patch can be downloaded for free on

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