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Getting Freaky With Fujiki, a romantic drama by Kurenaibook, has been published by Sekai Project on Steam and Denpasoft.

Getting Freaky With Fujiki is a slice-of-life romance drama about an average man reminiscing about his friendship with an easygoing girl. He regularly shared a room in a coworking space with a girl named Fujiki. It was a small, private space that let them easily complete student assignments. She stood out among her peers, apparently of mixed origin. What surprised him most, though, was that she struck up a conversation with him first, approaching him to talk about aquariums for no real reason.

The visual novel takes the form of a box story, with the protagonist writing down his interactions with Fujiki one by one, jumping from one interaction directly into the next. The story reveals how their relationship slowly developed, as well as how it could’ve fallen apart. As a kinetic novel, the title features only a single story without branching paths, but the story has two distinct parts: first is the romantic scenario of the protagonist’s casual relationship with Fujiki, which is later replaced by the darker story of his imagining the sort of erotic tragedy that could befall someone of her character. The latter part contains most of the visual novel’s erotic scenes, as an NTR route.


"Hey, do you like aquariums?"

In a secluded room of a coworking space, you meet a female student named Fujiki. She talks to you about things in her daily life which you quietly listen to in your room as you work on your school assignments. All while hoping for some peace and quiet. How will your daily life change in your interactions with Fujiki?

From developer Kurenaibook (Glare1more), comes Getting Freaky With Fujiki, featuring Live 2D animation and partial Japanese voice acting (Fujiki only)


• Visual novel with Live 2D animation

• Single route kinetic novel

• Save, load, backlog functionality

• English language with limited Japanese voice audio

Getting Freaky With Fujiki is now available on Steam and Denpasoft for the promotional price of $8.99 until April 14th, at which point it will cost $9.99. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed separately using a free patch on the publisher’s website.

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