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Golden Legend -Harald Quest-, Pasture Soft’s RPG centered on an ex-mercenary making a name for herself, is now available on Steam.

Golden Legend -Harald Quest- is a sandbox SRPG that aims to give players free will. Adventure World is situated in the northeastern part of the Elstra continent, known as the best place for adventurers to pursue their dreams. Some of them venter off into Adventure World to pursue vast amounts of wealth, while others simply want to become legends. The game's protagonist, Harald, is a mercenary-turned-warrior who wants to start her own mercenary group; how she recruits people or get funding is entirely up to you.

The game is set up on a loop system. If Harald dies or visits a special NPC, a new loop will start and all previously-triggered events will be reset. The events you trigger depend on which NPCs are present in your mercenary group. Players can either recruit NPCs to their party, hire them as a mercenary, attack, or kidnap them. You can also sell the NPCs from your group to slave traders if you so desire. Feel free to do what you want and complete quests in however manner you see fit: go off into dungeons, enter tournaments, commit crimes, or even prostitute your NPCs. Keep in mind that any NPCs that die in a loop can't be brought back to life until a new loop has started.

The combat system involves giving orders to your mercenary group companions. Harald and the mercenaries will follow your orders, but the outcome might not end in the way you want. How well your mercenaries fight in battle depends on their training and tactics.

* Story

The northeastern part of the Elstra continent, it is a legendary land called "Adventure World".

Adventurers who pursue dreams and wealth gather to create a new legend.

This is where the story of mercenary-turned female warrior blonde Harald begins.

·Battle System

Combat takes place in real time.

The player gives orders as the leader of the mercenary group.

Mercenaries, including the heroine, will automatically fight based on their orders.

Whether or not it goes well depends on training and the combination of mercenaries.

One of the charms of this game is seeing how the slightly clumsy NPCs fight with different tactics.

・H Scenes

Defeat H, Prostitution, Rape, etc.

In addition to the heroine, multiple female characters will appear.

You can purchase Golden Legend -Harald Quest- on Steam for $14.99.

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