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Mommy Milkers Miko, AzureZero's stealth game set in fantasy Japan, is now available for purchase on Steam and Itch.io.

Mommy Milkers Miko takes place in a fantastical depiction of medieval Japan, in which one of the ninja clans made a deal with demons to empower their soldiers. Now the clan's warriors are transfusing demon blood into their veins, becoming much more powerful at the cost of their own inhibitions. Miko, a kunoichi posing as a priestess, is sent to investigate the clan.

With limited combat capabilities, Miko has to outsmart her enemies by sneaking and properly maneuvering around guards. To make the element of stealth a puzzle, the game provides Miko with a variety of ninja skills: she can climb and jump down ledges, run a short distance over water, and instantly assassinate enemies from behind. Guards won’t let her off easy, though, and will rush into battle the moment they spot her.

The game's combat is turn-based. Players can utilize a number of Miko's special skills in battle, but have to watch out for her limited health and mana pools. Performing abilities triggers a quick-time event, which strengthens the attack if performed correctly. Victory in combat doesn’t provide the player with experience, but allows Miko to keep sneaking through the area. If Miko is defeated, she will be abused by her opponents, which will cause a game over in many scenarios.

An evil ninja clan is amassing power, they've struck a deal with a Demon and are using it's blood to upgrade their footsoldiers.

The one sent to stop them is none other than Mio, An experienced ninja sworn to protect the freedoms of women and commoners everywhere.

Can she execute the demon before the evil clan can raise their army? Or will she fall and become their slave?


• Simple RPG with no level system; utilise items and accessories to make it through. Absolutely no grinding for EXP!

• Skip combat by approaching the enemy from behind.

• A clothing system.

• Live2d animation to bring our titular miko to life.

• Explore the map with a grappling hook

• Expected completion time: 50 minutes

Mommy Milkers Miko is now available on Steam for $10.99, as well as on Itch.io for $11.00. A demo of the game is also available on the Itch.io page.

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