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Lutellaria, uzuraZanac's sidescrolling Metroidvania set in a city of futanaris, is now available for purchase on DLsite.

Lutellaria is an action-platformer Metroidvania set within an industrial, sexually corrupt city. In the distant past, the dwarves dug too deep into the earth, inadvertently awakening a cataclysm referred to as the black moon. In an attempt to contain the black moon, they constructed a walled city. Many years later, a futanari named Ruby awakens in this area with only one invasive thought in her head: she has to fulfill her mission.

This mysterious introduction is all players can rely on as they begin to explore the winding, perverse city of Lutellaria. Futanari women are being abused in the city on every corner, and more half-naked guards wander the streets, ready to attack anyone who stands out among the crowd. More hints about the lore and the heroine's purpose can be found by exploring the city and its facilities. Naturally, the adventure won’t be a walk in the park: much of the town is locked behind keyed gates, turning it into a challenging maze filled with dangerous opponents.

To defend herself, Ruby is armed with an oversized blade that doubles as a gun. The weight of the sword results inlengthy delays between swings, but players can cancel the heroine’s recovery animations by either shooting or dashing after every swing. This makes managing the gun’s magazine crucial to preserving mobility. While manual reloads are lengthy, successfully parrying opponents instantly refills the magazine.

By defeating opponents, Ruby gains currency, which can be used to strengthen her weapons and armor. Taking too much damage will cause her clothes to tear apart. If attacked while nude, the heroine will fall to her knees, allowing the various guards and traps within the area to abuse her, taking away one of the player’s lives. The same is also true for the guards: with no clothes in the way, Ruby can abuse any downed opponents, provided she hasn’t done so recently. Doing so will recover her own health, though new clothes will have to be found separately. There are over 40 animated sex scenes to experience in Lutellaria.

Lutellaria is now available on DLsite for $8.30 (estimated from ¥1,100). A demo of the game is also available on the store page.

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