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The Alchemist of Ars Magna, an alchemy-themed RPG by Ninetail, has been published by Medibang on multiple digital storefronts.

The Alchemist of Ars Magna is a fantasy RPG set in a world beset by tragedy. A mysterious phenomenon in the form of corrosive dust has spread through the land, destroying everything it touches. Without the means to stop it, humans were forced to flee into a different continent. It was there that they synthesized new deities, who would prevent the dust from falling upon their new land. After several generations, the dust has appeared once again and the man-made gods have fallen into madness.

Shin Balt, one of the alchemists of the Ars Magna, has been granted a unique artifact by a friend of his: the philosopher's stone, which possesses the unique ability to convert dust into energy, cleansing the surrounding area. Armed with the first weapon against this mysterious phenomenon, he teams up with other alchemists to find a way to resolve the situation. As the stone is part of Shin's body, it will fall onto him to stand against the dust directly.

Much of the narrative takes the tone of an action-adventure story. Shin needs to gain favor with the five gods of creation to gain the strength necessary to stop the dust. He will have to best the trials they set before him and establish a sacred contract with each goddess through intimate relations.

The Alchemist of Ars Magna is split between its visual novel story and RPG gameplay segments. While exploring dangerous areas, players will be given a board-like view of the dungeon the heroes are in. Here, they can traverse between its fields by choosing points connected by a movement track. Some fields will contain items or trigger dialogue cutscenes, while others will require defeating monsters to progress.

The game's combat is turn-based. Each party member can be equipped with a variety of weapons and magical crests, affecting their stats and abilities. Winning in battle will strengthen them further through leveling. Helpful Items can also be crafted via synthesis.

The game contains two story routes and a new game plus mode, which features extensive skip settings for easier replay. New playthroughs also come with higher difficulty settings, as well as a casual advance mode, which makes combat optional by allowing players to skip battle encounters.

The Alchemist of Ars Magna is now available on Steam, JAST, Kagura Games, GOG, and for the promotional price of $31.99 until April 7th, at which point it will cost $39.99. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed separately, using a free patch available on and JAST.

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