If it's a hole, it's a goal.

My Furry Dragon, Dirty Fox Games’ kinetic visual novel about a hero sent to save a princess from an “evil” dragon, has released on Steam.

My Furry Dragon is another entry in Dirty Fox Games’ "My Furry" collection of games. Other games in this series include My Furry Detective, My Furry Dictator, and My Furry Neighbour. Each game is their own standalone story, so it's not necessary to play the previous entries to understand this one.

Players follow a man forced into the role of “hero”, who is sent on a journey to save the princess, a furry cat girl. The kingdom is at war and the princess was captured by a fearsome dragon, so the king sends the hero on a quest to save her and punish the dragon. He heads off to the dragon’s lair in the Dreadful Forest, only to find out that the situation was a misunderstanding: the terrifying dragon is actually a beautiful scalie girl named Nenn. She didn’t actually abduct the princess, but rather saved her from a magical curse. When the hero decides to stay with the dragon for a while longer, the two of them eventually fall in love with each other.

My Furry Dragon features two hours worth of reading material, HD artwork available in the gallery, and one hot, red dragon girl to pursue.

My Furry Dragon is a short novel about love, self-discovery, family, and having fun with a dragon!


• Fascinating story with romance and comedy elements.

• HD fully original artworks.

• 2 hours of content.

• Relaxing atmosphere.

• Hot dragon!

You can purchase My Furry Dragon on Steam for $3.99. There is also a free 18+ Adult Only Patch that unlocks all sex scenes.

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