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Hot Coffe Shop, an arena action game by Nimiwaru Studio, has been released on Steam following a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Hot Coffe Shop is an action game about a combat stage show hosted to inspire soldiers. The events take place at the citadel: a base of operations located at the front lines. One of the game's main characters, Brient, works here as a nurse. Aside from caring for the combatants during the day, he and his friends hold entertaining combat shows every evening.

Gameplay takes place during these shows, with the player controlling one of three heroines, making her the lead for tonight’s performance. All the player has to do is defeat oncoming enemies, who appear on the arena in waves. As you survive through the rounds, you’ll be able to choose between stat upgrades for the run, until you eventually face off against the final boss.

Depending on the quality of your performance, fans can throw helpful items onto the arena, among them possibly being erotic images for the game’s gallery. Successfully beating the final boss with each heroine likewise unlocks new scenes. All erotic action in the game takes place after the show when the team gathers together to let off some steam and socialize.

The main draw of the game is to master its combat system and unlock all content for the erotic gallery. Players may also learn more about the game’s world by exploring the citadel in-between combat segments and speaking to its inhabitants. The game has been produced thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, with supporters pledging over $3,000 towards the game’s production.

You play the role of Brient, a frontline nurse, who at night along with Melody, Diane and Vanessy are in charge of providing a show to the whole citadel. But they like to have fun after the show, in a slightly hot way. Eventually another companion joins in the fun.

It's a single player game where you'll face multiple hordes of enemies in a luxurious arena, adorned like a classic human cafe, for the entertainment of the citadel.

You'll be able to bring one of the three beautiful protagonists of the "Hot Coffee Shop" team, Melody, Diane and Vanessy, each with a unique personality and abilities, as well as other attributes that will only be accessible to their most loyal fans.

Advance through the waves to unlock the multiple intimate scenes of our heroines and find the multiple special collectibles of each one.

Hot Coffe Shop is now available on Steam for $2.99.

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