...the fuck?

Sex-Loving Family, PRODUCTION PENCIL's visual novel about corrupting an entire family, has been published by POISON on Steam.

Sex-Loving Family is a nukige visual novel about an abusive owner of a hot spring resort, Kyoji Nimura. Living quietly and far off from the city, Kyoji has found an easy way to make extra money: produce and sell illicit porn tapes. He first talks his guests into having sex with him, then records the act and sells the tapes behind their backs.

This time around, an entire family arrived to spend their break at the resort. Seeing this as a golden opportunity, Kyoji sets out to turn all of them into obedient sex slaves. There’s Arisa Hidaka, an accomplished businesswoman and mother; her eldest daughter Hidaka, who’s much more serious than she looks; and the rebellious and sassy Fuyuka. The three women come together with a friend of theirs, a compassionate woman named Minami Yoshioka.

Sex-Loving Family was localized into English using a machine translation. The visual novel was published together with a set of additional paid DLCs, showcasing Kyoji spending time with Arisa, Manatsu and Fuyuka after the events of the main story.

The main character, Kyoji Nimura, lives a quiet life away from the city in a hot spring resort.

He lives a quiet life away from the city. However, Kyoji has a dark side. He secretly preyed on the guests staying at his inn

and distributed the videos to earn huge sums of money. Today, a family who did not know such a thing came to see Kyoji.

A family arrived from Tokyo to stay at Kyoji's inn.

Hello," he said. I'm Hidaka and I made a reservation to stay at .......

This time, the inn is used by the Hidaka family, who run an apparel-related company in Tokyo.

The husband and his extra childhood friend are in the way, but we'll deal with them later.

Thus, Kyoji quickly puts into action his plan to corrupt the Hidaka family's mother and daughter.

◆Game Specifications◆

Novel game that can be read by clicking.Heroine full voice

CG modeScene recollection

Sex-Loving Family is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $26.99 until April 6th, at which point it will cost $29.99.

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