Putting the D in the double D.

Lovers in Playa Rosa, VN House's romantic yuri comedy, has been published on Steam by Little Black Book Entertainment.

Lovers in Playa Rosa is a yuri visual novel made by VN House, the same developers behind Aisling and the Tavern of Elves and Tequila Sunrise. In this title, players follow Tina Lee, the co-owner of a bar she runs alongside her best friend. Unfortunately, their bar hasn’t been turning a profit and Tina found out that her husband has been cheating on her after being together for three years. With a broken heart and no money, she can't decide what to do with her life — until she receives an opportunity to turn her life around. Tina ventures to the titular “Playa Rosa,” a resort town in Mexico, to sell the bar and meets two women who help her discover a new kind of love.

In this romantic comedy, Tina can fall in love with one of two girls: Allison and Gabriela. The game features three endings, achievements, and tropical jazz music. If you've played other titles published by Little Black Book, there are references to characters from their other games and details about what happened to them.

“Lovers in Playa Rosa” is a Romantic Comedy Visual Novel and Yuri Dating Sim where you play as barkeeper Tina Lee as she takes a trip to Mexico to improve her fortunes and explore lesbian love!

1. A romantic and hilarious storyline

2. Beautiful Anime style artwork

3. Classy and cool smooth and tropical jazz soundtrack

4. Multiple romanceable characters and endings

You can purchase Lovers in Playa Rosa on sale from Steam for $6.39. After April 4th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $7.99. If you plan on buying the title, be sure to also download the game's 18+ Patch to unlock the adult content.

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