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Slave Doll, WAWA's simulation game about raping a woman, has been published by Playmeow on Steam.

Slave Doll is a simplistic simulation game about abusing a slave. The game’s premise is simple: you’ve purchased a female slave at an auction for over 10 million. As her owner, you now train her through daily abuse until you’re satisfied with the results.

The game features a basic progression system, where each sexual act rewards the player with ‘teaching points’. These points can be spent to unlock new scenes, increase the number of orgasms possible in a day, learn ways of abusing the slave while she’s unconscious, or even buy her new clothes.

Slave Doll features eight animated sex scenes available from the game’s menu, though all but the blowjob scene have to be unlocked by spending points. Abusing the slave lowers her health, which may cause her to fall asleep for the day. The game keeps track of the number of orgasms she’s had on the player's save slot, as well as scores her sanity. As her sanity changes, the girl’s expressions during the sex scenes will gradually become less rebellious.


In the secret underground slave market, I got the best merchandise of this batch.

Long, smooth, black hair… beautiful thighs and ample breasts.

And a seemingly defiant look in her eyes... But it was also fun to "bond" with the merchandise...

◆Game Features

● 60fps Live2d animations throughout. There are 8 types of sex scenes

Oral sex, forced oral sex, breastfuck, missionary, 2 types of back positions, cowgirl, 2 types of unconscious rape

● Approx. 105 animation files (including expression changes)

● Change in State

◆Change in State

Her state changes with the training.

Her expressions will become more and more obedient as the sex scenes progress.

You can continue to play even if she has fainted from physical exhaustion!


All characters in this work are over 18 years old.

Slave Doll is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $4.99 until April 4th, at which point the game will cost $4.49.

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