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Mofu is developing Futas Valley, a fantasy metroidvania filled with boss fights, currently available for free on across all systems.

Futas Valley is a fantasy metroidvania developed by Mofu, in which players take the role of a futanari wood elf named Nene. She’s a traveling mushroom aficionado researching mycelial biology to develop new ways of cultivating mushrooms. While on her way to a village praised for its local mushrooms, she comes across a mysterious figure. As they travel together, the pair get lost in a fog and Nene falls down a cliff, losing her belongings in the process.

Players have to help Nene reach her destination by navigating through the underground world, interacting with its denizens, and facing its dangers. Nene soon discovers that a mysterious curse has spread through the valley, drastically increasing the aggression and libido of its inhabitants. Thankfully, beating them up and having her way with them is an immediate cure to the affliction.

At this point in time, Futas Valley doesn’t feature roaming enemies to face in battle. Instead, the game has numerous boss fights spread throughout its maze-like world. Players can run, dodge, and swing a variety of weapons at their foes. While there are no level-ups, most encounters grant players new items and even more can be found through exploration. Some of these items can be used to help solve other people’s troubles or navigate through the world. Nene can also influence the size of her body parts by finding the right mushrooms. At this time, these visual changes aren’t reflected in story CGs, unlike in Mofu’s previous game, Futaring.

As the name implies, everyone in Futas Valley is a futanari, from elves and fox girls to mushroom and plant people. Nene frequently takes a dominant role in her sexual encounters, though she might be passive in others. Allowing characters to impregnate Nene will cause her body to change as expected until she gives birth to an egg with the help of an NPC.

Currently, Futas Valley features a large map with six bosses to face off against. New locations, opponents, and stories are planned for future updates. The latest build is available on for PC, Mac, Linux, and Android. You can track the game’s development on Mofu’s Pixiv Fanbox and SubscribeStar. There are no paid support tiers at this time.

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