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Kings Love, Cipher's RPG Maker game about finding a wife and claiming your throne, is now available for purchase on Steam.

Kings Love is an RPG maker game with dating sim elements, in which players take control of a king whose nation has just gotten out of a long, bloody war. Peace has returned to the land, but there's still one more problem to worry about: nobody will properly acknowledge you as king unless you get married. There are many women in the kingdom who would love to be a queen by the king's side; it's up to you to choose just one, between humans, elves, and more.

Players can explore a vast and dangerous land to find the love of their life and queen of their kingdom, with there being ten love interests to pursue in Kings Love. You can woo the women in the kingdom by talking to them and completing quests for them. Completing villager requests can also unlock additional love interests to pursue. Some of those tasks will require facing dangerous monsters, so players will have to make sure to upgrade their equipment and weapons to be ready for any threat that crosses their path.


The player is free to explore the town and countryside in a non linear way. In the world of Kings Love there are many characters that need your help and by completing their quests the player can unlock various romantic partners.

However the world is also filled with many dangers so its important to be prepared. The main character can level up, purchase new weapons and train to become stronger in order to face any mighty opponent.

The goal of the game is to find and marry the next queen of the land, it can be anyone you choose!


- Meet over 10 different women

- Explore the world of Kings Love

- Help the villagers with their needs

- Fight dangerous enemies

You can purchase King’s Love on sale from Steam for $4.24. After March 30th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $4.99.

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