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Slave Training - Elite Female Student Council in a School of Delinquents, an RPG in an urban setting by No Future, is now available on DLsite.

Slave Training - Elite Female Student Council in a School of Delinquents takes place in a Japanese town that houses two distinct schools. The Eichi Girls’ Academy is a high-class learning institution known for its well-behaved students. Meanwhile, the Akudou Boys’ School has been known for housing delinquents for a long time now, and recently, its students have been harassing the girls of Eichi Academy out onto the streets.

Worried about the well-being of their fellow students, the student council members of the Eichi Academy decided to confront the boy’s school. They quickly discover that the student’s behavior has only been reinforced by their own student council, promoting the idea that everyone should get whatever they want by force. With no other choice, the three girls enter the school grounds to meet the boy’s council in person.

The game follows a linear chapter structure. In each part of the game, players are given specific objectives to accomplish by exploring various locations throughout town. The girls’ rivalry with the boys will often lead to scuffles on the street, with the game making use of traditional turn-based combat.

The player’s party is made up of the Eichi Girls’ Academy student council trio. The mature president, Rio Kisaragi, is a skilled kendo practitioner with AoE skills; the brash vice-president, Shiho Nanase, has martial arts experience, which allows her to swiftly deal with singular opponents; finally, the shy treasurer, Reina Kisaragi, uses a variety of items to support her friends in combat. The three heroines are fully voiced by Rio Fujimura, Momoka Kosuzu, and Hiiro Mamiya respectively.

Originally, the game was intended as a visual novel, but the developers decided to turn the game into an RPG to better portray the girl’s combat capabilities. As a result, the story progression is linear, with all adult scenes playing out as part of the plot. In their quest to stop the boys from bothering girls on the streets, the student council will fall victim to the boy’s school, being abused against their will in various scenarios.

Slave Training - Elite Female Student Council in a School of Delinquents is now available on DLsite for $9.98 (estimated from ¥1,320). A lengthy demo of the game can also be downloaded from the store page.

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