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Playmeow Games and ACG Creator publish Asami’s Rich Lady’s Slave Role Play on Steam.

Rich Lady’s Slave Role Play is a game where the supervisor from your previous job becomes a willing sex slave. After quitting your job at a big company you end up feeling frustrated. Even though you left on bad terms, you still feel like you lost something. One night, you are approached by Liu Huixi, your supervisor from your former job, dragging along a suitcase. She tells you that something is happening at her place and she can’t get the company involved. With nowhere else to go, she asks if she could live with you for a while. Huixi made your time at the company difficult, and she was one of the reasons you quit your job, but you couldn’t bring yourself to turn her request down.

You and Huixi were living peacefully until she suddenly started to roleplay as a slave in a form of payment. She calls you “master,” pulls your clothes off, and feels you up. The situation weirds you out at first, but eventually you see her as something other than your intimidating supervisor. Instead of being afraid of her, you want to learn more about her and why she wanted to stay with you.

In the game, you will have four sessions each day. Use this time to explore the house, perform actions, or interact with Huixi. As you continue the story, more interactions with Huixi and actions around the house will unlock. The actions you choose will affect your status and your status at the end will decide the outcome of the story. If you want to improve your relationship with Huixi, increase your heartlink. There are five endings in the game, including one bad end.

You can purchase Rich Lady’s Slave Role Play on sale from Steam for $11.69. After March 23rd, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price, $12.99.

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