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Idol Hands 2, a sequel to the management game by 樹懶叫工作室, Maker製造機, and sloth gamer, has been published by Mango Party on Steam.

Idol Hands 2 puts players in the shoes of a successful idol manager who owes a lot of his accomplishments to his star idol, Summer Hsia. Unfortunately, when Hsia is offered the position of an idol manager herself, she ends your contract and signs off to work at a massive entertainment conglomerate. From now on, she’s your rival and you'll need to hone a new talent to remain in the business.

Two girls apply for your services not long after: the tomboyish Rainie and the demure Evelyn. Your budget only allows you to accept one of them, with the latter being offered guidance by Hsia instead. Both heroines have their own personalities and journeys before them, offering players two storylines to experience.

Whichever heroine players choose to work with, their job will be to manage her schedule. You’ll decide when she should be working, attending classes, or when you have time for strolls through the town. Depending on the activities you assign to her, you’ll either amass funds or increase her stats. How well she can perform will determine whether she wins the crowd’s attention or loses to her rivals during idol battles — key events that determine an idol’s popularity.

As you earn funds, you can unlock new items for the idol, including a variety of outfits. The more time you spend together, the closer you’ll grow, which will eventually lead to a variety of romantic, erotic scenes. The game features over 20 sets of animated erotic scenes, two fully dubbed heroines, and over four thousand lines of dialogue.


Manage your talent’s time and mood in this management + love simulator.

Allocate the limited time you have each month to various jobs, lessons, and gigs. These will help your talent earn money, raise certain stats, gain fame, and/or unlock events.

Participate in performance battles against your fellow celebrities for fame and all sorts of bonuses.

More contacts, events, and gigs become available as her abilities and fame increase.


◇ Two different girls to choose from, with two different scripts. Start with your favorite but play them both!◇ 4000+ lines of silly banter, heart-pounding drama, and the "good stuff”.

◇ Earn and swap out perks to boost your stats and conquer your performance battles!◇ Get nominated and win awards in music, film, and television. Nurture the greatest multi-talented celebrity!

◇ Purchase and change outfits at will, either for a job or for your own preferences.◇ Enjoy listening to Rainie’s and Evelyn’s voices in our fully-dubbed script and H-scenes.

◇ 20+ sets of Live 2D animated H-Scenes. For your pleasure..

Idol Hands 2 is now available on Steam for $9.89 until March 23rd, at which point it will cost $10.99.

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