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Parade’s fantastical boys love drama Lkyt. can be pre-ordered on MangaGamer.

Developed by the creator behind NO, THANK YOU!!! and Room No. 9, parade, Lkyt. is a dark boys love visual novel written by Tatsuya Kurashiki. The story is set in a fantasy version of Japan Sengoku era, where demons have taken over the Earth and destroyed just about everything. That event was known as the Day of Despair. While most people have fled the wasteland that was once their world, others have chosen to stay and fight back against the threat. This group is known as the Seaside Nation.

Everyday, the Seaside Nation continues to fortify their base to prepare for the next battle. According to ancient legends, there will be a second coming of demons far in the future. The Seaside Nation believed in that legend until the warning bells sounded off through the capital. The protagonist of Lkyt. is Taskuku, a young man working as a footsoldier in the Seaside Nation. In all of his sex scenes, he will remain as a top. There are over six hundred event CGs with different variations.


Born in the Seaside Nation, a common soldier who lives in the capital. A young man with a cheerful and honest disposition.

Although ranked as one of the top combatants among the warriors of the Seaside Nation, he serves as a foot soldier due to his youth and social class, which generally keeps him out of harm’s way.


The second son of the Emperor, and considered next in line for the throne. A young man of few words, who never cracks his stone facade.

He is idolized by the citizens for being wise and noble beyond his years, and like Tasuku, is regarded as a potential hero to carry the nation into the next era. As a member of the royal family, he and his father lead their soldiers together from the front line.


A swordsman deployed from the Desert Nation.

Despite his reputation as an outstanding soldier in his own nation’s royal palace, he’s a cynical young man who prefers to work alone rather than command troops. Fluent in multiple languages, he also serves as an interpreter in not just his own nation, but others as well.


A divine being who remains cloistered within a shrine in the heart of the city, tasked with preserving the barrier which protects the capital. The son of the emperor, and Takeru’s older brother.

He never leaves the shrine except to visit the palace at the start of each new year. The populace has never seen him. He’s indispensable to the Seaside Nation, and revered as a living god.


The oldest child of the Mitate clan, who are a long line of warriors from the Seaside Nation. Along with Tasuku’s father, he’s one of the most venerable warriors in the nation.

Both brave and just, he’s immensely popular. Although it’s anticipated that he will succeed his family line, his father, the current family patriarch, denounces him for not taking a new bride since losing his wife and children at a young age.

Lkyt. will be released on April 20th. You can pre-order the game at a discounted price of $40.45 on MangaGamer. It will also be available on Steam.

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