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Handyman Legend, a simulation game about a gig worker’s daily life by SupaShinKen Studio, is now available for purchase on Steam.

Handyman Legend is a simple simulation game about a gig worker who used to be exploited by girls in his childhood. The protagonist would eagerly help out doing small tasks and fixing things in the hopes of getting noticed, but never got much attention in the end. Despite this, he’s gained a lot of practical knowledge thanks to years of being everyone’s handyman. He now lives by doing gigs found on an app specifically for handymen.

Players will plan out the protagonist’s life on a daily schedule, picking tasks for the morning, daytime, evening, noon, and midnight. Random job requests appear in their app, with heroines regularly asking for help at their home in exchange for cash. The goal of the game is to get closer to the heroines while doing your job, using the earned money to improve the protagonist’s working ability and unlock even more events.

Each gig is a management minigame that lasts 30 seconds, during which the protagonist automatically works on the given task. With every passing second, the progress bar fills up on its own, but random quick-time events can pop up at any moment, giving the player a chance to boost their progress further. Early on, succeeding in these challenges is the only way to fully complete a task; however, during their work, players also have to make their moves on the heroine without irritating her more than she’s willing to tolerate. Much of the gameplay is about splitting your attention between these objectives.

Stimulating the heroine increases her level of erotic interest in the protagonist, unlocking new scenes and opportunities in future gigs. Players can also find more erotic material by exploring the heroine’s room and planting cameras. There are three heroines to charm throughout the game and a number of minor random events that can play out when the player is spending their time outside of work.

Handyman Legend is now available on Steam for $6.99. A demo of the game can be downloaded from the store page.

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