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Tokyo NECRO, an action drama visual novel by Nitro Origin, has been released and is now available on JAST, Steam, and GOG.

Tokyo NECRO is a visual novel that takes players to a cyberpunk future, in which a new ice age has turned much of the world into an uninhabitable, frozen wasteland. The few cities that are able to sustain human life rely on geothermal heating. As if the people living in these cities don't have enough worries already, a new, supernatural threat has been looming over them as of late: the dead are coming back to life.

Nagaoka So'un is a Living Dead Stalker, a professional killer specializing in hunting down necromancers and their creations. He works together with Ethica, a fiery woman fond of her chainsaw, and other women. Her attitude greatly contrasts the much more level-headed, but emotionally reserved So’un. On their latest mission for the Karasuzumi office, they save a mysterious girl named Hogyo Iria, who they find in the hands of a necromancer. After rescuing her, they're surprised by her bizarre slang and fascination with 20th-century otaku culture. Her strange importance to the necromancer becomes a growing mystery.

The visual novel features a branching story created by Nitro Origin, known for works such as Saya no Uta and Full Metal Daemon Muramasa. The team has aimed to build on the action found in their latest novels by featuring 3D-animated fighting scenes, with an optional first-person camera.

Tokyo has become a snow-covered wasteland where the dead walk among the living. But in this frozen hellscape people have survived, protected by the guns and cybernetics enhancements of the Living Dead Stalkers.

Developed by Nitro Origin, creators of Song of Saya and Full Metal Daemon Muramasa, Tokyo NECRO dives into the cyberpunk genre and sets a new standard for action visual novels – with fully animated 3D fight scenes and an interactive display where you can see every action your character takes through their own eyes!


In the future, the world has been engulfed in the bitter cold of an ice age. And yet, Tokyo is surviving with its use of geothermal heat pipes to keep the city habitable. Within this frozen city, So’un and Ethica make their living working for the Karasuzumi Living Dead Stalker Office; contract killers who spend their working days executing necromancers and their undead minions. On one such mission, they discover a mysterious girl who had been kidnapped by a necromancer for reasons unknown.

Tokyo NECRO is now available on JAST USA and Steam for the promotional price of $35.99 until March 20th, at which point it will cost $39.99. The visual novel is also scheduled to be released on GOG in the future.

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