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Belial Red, TEKUNOS A’s fantasy RPG about a noblewoman joining the army of her captors, has been released on Steam, GOG, and Kagura Games.

Belial Red takes place in a fantasy world on a continent split between two factions: Blues and Reda. The game's protagonist, Sheryl, is a noblewoman who grew up in a city within Blues. After the kingdom is invaded by Reda, she and many other women are captured.

At first, it appears that the men of Reda will turn them into slaves, but the women are given an alternative: they can join the Reda army instead. Having already received sword fighting lessons as a noble, Sheryl agrees and becomes a soldier alongside other captured women.

Players take control of Sheryl and her party as they embark on perilous quests at the behest of Reda Kingdom. The game follows a standard RPG formula, with area exploration, quests, and turn-based combat. As Reda befriends more women in similar situations, the player gains the option to swap out party members to form a trio of fighters more befitting their play style. The game offers two-story routes to explore and traditional RPG gameplay.

Sheryl, the young daughter of a noble family, lives peacefully until one day, the neighboring kingdom Reda conquers her homeland Bluea, killing off most of its citizens. Seeking an opportunity to gain her freedom, she joins forces with five other captive women and volunteers to join the enemy army after proving her worth. Will such a bold move result in a happy ending, or would things have been easier if she had just remained as their prisoner? Only time will tell...

Party Member Selection

Party members can be swapped out, with each character focusing on different weapon types and magic to suit your playstyle and help you overcome whatever obstacles you may face.

Different Routes

There are two primary routes to play through, the outcomes of which are affected by your decisions. What lies ahead for Sheryl and her friends? Their fates are in your hands...

Belial Red is now available on Steam, GOG, and Kagura Games for the promotional price of $14.99 until March 17th, at which point it will cost $13.49. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed using a patch available on the publisher's website, while GOG offers an unrated DLC of their own.

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