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Ebi-hime Releases Boys Love Visual Novel Unluckily in Love on Steam and

Unluckily in Love, a BL visual novel about a man finding comfort with his older cousin after his father’s death, is now available on Steam and

Developed by ebi-hime, Unluckily in Love is a kinetic BL visual novel that features two characters from their previous work, All Ashes and Illusions. This story takes place in a different universe from their prior work, meaning no prior knowledge of the other game is necessary to enjoy the story. Yuel is a student finishing up his last year of college, but he's losing interest in his major and has no friends to confide in. Everyday has become dull and boring for him. He was hoping for something outside of his ordinary routine to happen, when his father suddenly died. Unable to cope with his death, Yuel seeks guidance from his older cousin, Tavi.

Tavi is the exact opposite of Yuel. While he is outgoing and confident, Yuel is shy and self-conscious. He tries his best to cheer Yuel up, but his younger cousin isn’t used to people treating him so kindly. After some time, Yuel's feelings for Tavi develop into something too intimate. There is already a lot on Yuel’s plate, between his a terrible upbringing, a non-existent social life, and the death of his father. In addition to all of that, he now has to deal with falling in love with his own cousin.

- 90k of text (approx 4-6 hours of reading)

- A kinetic story with no choices or branches

- Detailed character and background artwork

- A custom OST

- A sweet, emotional BL story with some drama

- Yuel being extra adorable

You can purchase Unluckily in Love on for $10.99 and on Steam, where it's currently on sale for $9.89. If you plan on buying the game from Steam, make sure to download the free Adult Patch DLC. For those more curious about the game's story, there is also a demo available on the store page.

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