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Monster Nut Games has published the visual novel RPG Maiden Kingdom on Steam.

Maiden Kingdom is a 3D RPG adventure and visual novel with five playable characters. The story follows follows you as you go on a journey with sexy maidens, picking one of the five to play through her story. Each girl has her own fighting style and H-scenes. There’s Alexandria, a mature and loyal human holy knight; Blossom, a small bespectacled pixie that loves cum; Eliza, a quiet but friendly wood elf; Lilith, a succubus that loves to suck the life energy out of men; and Azura, a dominant dark elf assassin who's searching for a submissive.

All the girls have 3D models with jiggle physics that bounce during the RPG portion of the game. Use her abilities and special moves to kill monsters so you can move on to the next stage. Their skills have a cooldown, so you won't be able to spam the same skill repeatedly. Whenever you defeat a monster, it will drop coins that can be used to level up the maidens. Uncover mysteries and enjoy over twenty-five sex scenes with your girls.

Maiden Kingdom is a hentai RPG visual novel set in a fantasy kingdom filled with monsters, mysteries, and horny maidens.

Journey through this adult RPG adventure with very naughty NSFW storylines and tons of high quality unlockable NSFW scenes.

Play through the game with all 5 maidens and experience their fighting styles, storylines, and their deepest perverted secrets.


- RPG Gameplay

- Visual Novel with NSFW storyline

- Unlock 25+ adult NSFW scenes

- Make love to your maidens in the simulator

- Realistic titty bouncing physics

You can purchase Maiden Kingdom on Steam for $4.99. There’s more information on the characters on Monster Nut Games’ Patreon page.

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