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An AI translation patch has been released for yamadaitiro-nomise’s NTR game, Summer Memories ~My Cucked Childhood Friends~, on DLsite.

Summer Memories ~My Cucked Childhood Friends~ is an NTR simulator in which players take control of a young man spending his summer with a pair of sisters. The two women secretly hold romantic feelings for the protagonist, but for various reasons, haven’t made their feelings known to him yet. What’s worse, they both happen to have personality traits that make them prone to being exploited by others.

Mizuki is more mature and hardworking, but her strong sense of responsibility makes it easy for her to accept outrageous demands from others. Kasumi is younger and noticeably more naive, being too trusting of people who don’t have her best interests in mind.

Players control the protagonist throughout his stay at the sisters' house. While there, he can explore the town either by himself or with one of the sisters. In-game time passes naturally and can be sped up at the player’s leisure. The two girls follow their own routines each day, slowly awaiting the end of summer, but players have the option of hanging out with them and leading them to specific NPCs, causing the heroine’s relationship with that person to develop further.

Whenever one of the heroines becomes involved with a specific NPC, she may end up spending time with them when the player isn’t around. Witnessing these interactions unlocks new erotic scenes. Some events can only occur on specific days, marked in the player’s calendar. Unlocked scenes can be later viewed in the recollection room, which also provides hints on how to trigger the next event for a particular NPC.

The AI translation patch for Summer Memories ~My Cucked Childhood Friends~ is now available on DLsite, allowing English-speaking players to understand the gist of the story and how to play it. To install the patch, you'll need to purchase the Japanese version of the game, available for $13.86 (estimated from ¥1,870). A demo of the Japanese version can also be downloaded from the game's store page.

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