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Elfheim - Chapter 1, Sunnaware’s visual novel about a slime king starting his new adventure on a floating elven kingdom, is now available on Steam.

Elfheim - Chapter 1 is a fantasy comedy visual novel about the misadventures of a slime king-turned-human. The protagonist ruled over his small slime kingdom in peace, without once coming into contact with any of the other races. One day, an unidentified object from the sky crashes into him, splitting and spilling his royal jelly across the land. When he awakens, he’s only a level 1 slime, stuck in an unknown forest.

Undeterred, he decides to become a king once again. First, he hijacks the first dead body he finds, then he creeps onto a pair of elven women bathing to steal their clothes and cover his body. They notice him, but don’t mind the sudden intrusion, taking interest in the man instead.

With their help, the slime king learns that he’s on the floating island of Elfheim, where elves reside. The body he took for himself turns out to be human, making him an example of a rare and sacred species that happens to be revered on the island. Given the importance of his kind, the elves offer to help him, introducing the slime to the local library. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and a lucky start, the king begins his misadventure to regain royalty.

Elfheim - Chapter 1 features a 30,000-word-long kinetic story with over 160 images to discover. The visual novel is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms.

You will be stepping into the metaphorical shoes of Informis, a Slime king ripped out of his throne room and thrown right into this foreign world.

With unrelenting resolve, Informis assumes the form of a creature he finds nearby, and in the process of foraging this new land meets a couple of playful Elves who are more than surprised with your unusual appearance.

Not long after, your journey leads to an extraordinary sight, a giant tree unlike any other which hosts deep inside its trunk an immense library. There, you will meet it's guardian and go through her evaluation which will uncover some of the secrets that lie beyond your newly acquired human body.

• A "Comic-like" Kinectic Visual Novel with more than 30k words.

• More than 160 hand drawn images.

• An original Soundtrack.

• Sweet Elvish love, lewdness and much, much more!

Elfheim - Chapter 1 is now available on Steam for $4.99. A demo of the story is available on the developer’s Patreon and Newgrounds page.

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