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Golden Legend~Harald Quest~, Pasture Soft’s open-world RPG about an adventuress who establishes her own mercenary company, is now available on DLsite.

Golden Legend~Harald Quest~ is an open-world strategy RPG set within the fantastical land of Elstra. The game introduces players to Harald, a young female warrior who used to be part of a mercenary band; however, her company has since split up due to poor earnings. The circumstances forced Harald to live as an adventurer for some time until she finally decided to establish a band of her own.

Players will get to choose Harald’s class, after which they’re thrust into the world of Elstra to earn their fame and glory. The heroine can travel to the many towns and landmarks of the continent, recruit warriors in cities, take quests from NPCs and the adventurer’s guild, or act on her impulses to attack or kidnap just about anybody.

The game involves free exploration as well as random and narrated quests, which can send players off to either explore dungeons or engage in combat. Battles take place in real-time, with Harald's followers engaging the enemy on their own. Meanwhile, players control Harald directly, positioning her and deciding on when to cast spells.

The sexual content of Golden Legend~Harald Quest~ usually involves the raping of the innocent, often due to their defeat in combat. Harald will fall victim to lustful bandits whenever players lose in battle, but other accompanying NPCs may suffer a similar fate. Otherwise, players are free to guide Harald in her daily life and can even engage in prostitution if they so choose.


Experience the life of a mercenary with a high degree of freedom, create your own mercenary group, and explore the continent.

Dungeon, business, quests, crime, prostitution... how you live is up to the player.

The game has a loop system. When the heroine dies or visits a special NPC, a new loop starts.

NPCs that die once cannot be revived in the current round, but all events are reset again in the new loop.


The heroine meets various NPCs on her journey and creates a mercenary group.

Different events will occur depending on the type of NPC in the mercenary group.

(*Even you could sell your companion to a slave trader. Yeah, you can do that!)

·Battle System

Combat takes place in real time.

The player gives orders as the leader of the mercenary group.

Mercenaries, including the heroine, will automatically fight based on their orders.

Whether or not it goes well depends on training and the combination of mercenaries.

One of the charms of this game is seeing how the slightly clumsy NPCs fight with different tactics.

Golden Legend~Harald Quest~ is now available on DLsite for $14.54 (estimated from ¥1,980). A demo of the game is available on the store page.

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