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AI Translation Patch for Demonic Contract Sex Succubuzz Now Available on DLsite

Demonic Contract Sex Succubuzz, an RPG Maker game about three girls falling into a world of debauchery, has received an AI translation patch on DLsite.

Demonic Contract Sex Succubuzz is an RPG where a group of high school girls sign a contract with a demon. Kaede Tachibana, Ai Mizushima, and Hikaru Shibusawa are students who have their own personal wishes that they would do anything for. After hearing a rumor that one could get any wish granted when you go to the school’s roof at night, the three schoolgirls jump at the chance. The one who appears before them is a “succubuzz” named Sera. In order to grant their wish, Sera needs them to gather the energy of horny humans by having sex with them. All three girls are virgins with zero sexual experience; as they continue to have sex, they start giving into their innermost lust and pleasures.

The game features a sex combat system that determines which H-scenes players will unlock. During these battle fucks, players will take control of one of the guys that Kaede, Ai, and Hikaru are seducing. No matter how the battle ends, players will be awarded with an H-scene: victory results in getting to fuck one of the students, while failure leads to the succubus will sucking you dry. There are six branching endings in the game, with your performance in battle determining which of the endings you receive. Twenty-eight out of thirty seven of the game's various H-scenes are animated, including the battle H-scenes and sprite-based H-scenes.

By purchasing the game through DLsite, players will also receive two DLsite exclusive sex scenes. The first one features Hikaru in her own “succubuzz” form, while the second introduces the red hooded “succubuzz” named Penina.

Demon Contract Sex Succubuzz is available for PC and Android. You can purchase the android version with the English patch already included and the PC version without the patch for 2,750¥ ($20.33). The AI translation patch for the PC version can be downloaded for free.

Before purchasing the game on DLsite, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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