Even the furries get love here!

Do favors for some spooky girls and femboys to get rewarded in Halloween Harem, now available on Itch.io.

Halloween Harem is Hotpink’s third Halloween collaboration. It originally started as a one month project, but it ended up becoming one of their biggest titles yet. The game starts in a park where you wake up in the lap of a mysterious goth chick. Not remembering who you are nor how you got here, you ask the goth girl for help. Instead of providing any useful information, she asks you to get her some gum from a vending machine. You do as you’re told and expect to be rewarded, but she doesn’t plan on doing anything with you unless you are on her level.

Help as many people as you can around town to get the goth girl to acknowledge you. Speak to them to find out what they want. Complete their quests and they will reward you with something naughty. Any sexy CGs and animations you receive can be reviewed in the gallery on your phone. There are collectable lewd tarot cards and other pictures scattered around the world. Keep in mind that not every tarot card is in the game, only a select few.

This game features over 12 fully voiced characters, 15+ fully animated lewd scenes, 27+ static lewd secrets, and 14+ sexy tarot cards to seek out and find.

H Tags include: Tentacles - Anal - Monstergirls - MFF threesomes - Blowjobs - Handjobs - FemDom - Lesbians - Femboys - Free use - Gangbang - And many more!

You can purchase Halloween Harem on Itch.io for $12.00. There is also a free version of the game that works as a demo. It gives you an idea of what the game is like, and only lets you move around in one area.

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