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Shady Corner Games publishes quidev’s platform game Nayla’s Castle on Steam.

We previously wrote an article about Nayla’s Castle when it was published on FAKKU and It's a side-scrolling platformer where a futanari is trapped in a castle by the demon Nayla. As luck would have it, our heroine is able to resist Nayla's abilities, intriguing her so much that she wants to make a deal with the protagonist. If she is able to reach Nayla’s chambers and defeat her, she can go free. If she fails, she will remain in the castle as Nayla’s sex toy.

Make your way to Nayla’s chambers while avoiding attacks from her many servants. As you wander through the castle, you will encounter spike traps and moving platforms. The castle is large and home to lush forests, arid deserts, and endless skies. There are five stages, each one with a boss to defeat. Some enemies can either be seduced into submission or beaten in a fight. The heroine’s dick is able to grow and disappear at will, which allows you to fuck enemies. Each time you have sex, your health will regenerate and you'll receive an erotic CG. H-scenes feature a bevy of fetishes, including mind control, rape, monster girls, yuri, and femdom. Quidev also plans to release DLC and other unlockable content in the future.

Regain freedom by escaping Nayla's Castle!

Throughout the game you'll find many challenges like spikes, platforms and a lot of different enemies that would attack the protagonist on sight. This enemies

are Nayla's servants who is a naughty demon that really like to play a game. It is possible to defeat many of the enemies by beating or charming them.

Nayla's domain hides not only corridors but also vast deserts and sprawling forests located within its walls. Enjoy the adult content presented as pixel art animations, and some of them also features splash art that can be added to the gallery when discovered for the first time.

-5 stages with sexy bosses and classic platforming action

-26 unlockable CG Images for your peverted eyes

-Animated pixel art sex scenes

-Future DLC levels and unlockables planned!

You can purchase Nayla’s Castle on Steam for $9.99.

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