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Little Huntress Team’s Lolicon Games Willl Be Removed From

A selection of Little Huntress Team’s games that feature lolicon content will no longer be available for purchase on

Earlier this month, on March 1st, Little Huntress Team made a post on their Twitter account and the devlog for Dragons mating season, stating that some of their games will be removed from They have explained that the situation is out of their control, but that the removed titles will still be available on DLsite and through SubscribeStar. If you already own any of their games, they suggest you download them before they're removed from the platform.

The games in question all feature loli characters in them. Little Huntress Team has not said which games were the offenders or the reason for their removal, but the three titles of theirs that will still be sold on are I want to teach a lesson to Hoodwink!, Lulu’s sudden wedding night, and Sexy Mythical Beast Adventure.

The full post from states:

Shortly there will be all loli content removed from itch. They will be still accessable censored trough:

You can find the uncensored version of the game at:

Sorry for the inconvinience, but this is something that need to happen and out of my control. In case you own a coppy of any game here I recomand you to download it while you can.

Also these 3 game will be still on itch as all games like these:

Thank you for your understanding and have a nice day.

While Little Huntress Team states that the removal of the content is owed to reasons beyond their control, there appear to be no changes to's terms of service or content creator quality guidelines in regards to loli content on the platform. Currently, it remains to be seen if this is just an isolated incident specific to Little Huntress Team's games or not.

You can read Little Huntress Team's post in full on Twitter and Their games are available censored on DLsite and uncensored on SubscribeStar.

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