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Summer Clicker: Sex Life with a Lady During Summer Vacation! Now Available on DLsite

Summer Clicker: Sex life with a lady during summer vacation!, Ankake Pudding’s game about the relationship between a shota and an older woman, has released on DLsite.

Summer Clicker: Sex life with a lady during summer vacation! is a clicker game developed by Ankake Pudding, the creator of Leader! Oneshota Fight!. In this title, players take control of a young boy working on a book report for school. He heads off to the library to find a book to write about, when he encounters a mature woman who helps grab a book for him. Feeling nervous around her, he runs off. When the lady leaves the library, the boy noticed that she forgot a book at the counter and chased after her to return it. She thanks him and asks if he found the book he wanted. After telling her about his book report, the lady offered to let him see the books at her home — if he doesn’t tell anyone about it. Although she makes him feel nervous, he wants to go with her, thus beginning their secret relationship together.

In the game proper, players have a few options for activities: either visit the lady or spend time on your own. Visiting her will trigger the clicker portion of the game; when clicking on her, the most recent H-animation will play. Each click will give you hearts that can be used to buy upgrades and unlock the next part of the story. After clicking for a long enough period of time, you can unlock fever time, which yields bonus points for a limited time. Alternatively, if you choose not to visit the lady, you can spend time either doing homework or hanging out with friends.



She has a calm and gentle personality.

She lives in a big house alone.

On her days off, she often writes in the library.

She has a nice body.

Her three sizes are 102(K-cup)/58/85.

Main character (you)

Mild personality

Little sexual knowledge and never ejaculate yet

You can purchase Summer Clicker: Sex Life with a lady during summer vacation! on sale from DLsite for 1,287¥ ($9.47). After March 25th, the sale will end and the price will increase back up to 1,430¥ ($10.52). There is also a demo available where you can play the introduction and first scene of the story.

Before purchasing the game on DLsite, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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