You will never be the same again

A Sex Slave's Love Story, Kanoe and BananaKing’s visual novel about a nymphomaniac fighting for the affections of a corporate leader, is now available on Steam.

A Sex Slave's Love Story follows the tumultuous and debouched life of Qian Xiangxiang. At a young age, she was adopted by the owner of a brothel for high-class men. The Golden Manor allows rich men to role-play as inhabitants of a rich mansion, be it workers or residents, with the opportunity to have sex with any women they come across. Having been raised in this environment, Qian went on to become one of the most popular nymphomaniacs of the brothel as she played the role of the Manor’s ‘young lady’.

Her adoptive father handpicked her for her qualities, both looks and personality. He recognizes that the country is ruled by five major corporations. If he can have his daughter marry the leader of any one of these corporations, he could vastly expand his status. This is where Qian comes in, with her father’s plan being to have her married to the influential Ted Carter. Fortunately, Qian happens to share romantic feelings for the young man, motivating to accomplish the goal thrust upon her.

The game's story narrates Qian’s daily life as a long-time worker of the manor while she tries her best to gain Ted’s attention. A Sex Slave's Love Story features 15 erotic CGs with 130 variants, an optional mini-game, and nearly a story that spans 70,000 words of length.

◆ Story

Her name was Qian Xiangxiang, a woman from the Golden Manor. She had few interests, but sex was one of them.

This Golden Manor was created to please the men of high society, who could pay to come and play the roles of chauffeur, butler, cook, florist, or even master of the house. They were there to live in harmony with everyone, as if they were one big family, while being able to have intercourse with every woman in sight.

Xiangxiang was blessed with the status of ‘young lady’ of the manor. She was a sweet-looking woman who was good at sexual intercourse, so she enjoyed this environment: living a life of indulgence and debauchery with the men and reporting her lewd behaviour to the master of the manor to please him.

The owner of the manor and head of the Qian family, Ronghao Qian, adopted Xiangxiang as his daughter because of her unique charm. He gave her one goal in life: to marry one of the sons from the other four major corporations, thus bringing the Qian family closer to the other corporations.

So it was that Xiangxiang met her Prince Charming: Ted Carter, son of the Carter family, one of the major five corporations. As a woman of the manor, Xiangxiang had no right to say no to Ted but, deep down, she had a small wish…

She loved Ted with all her heart. She wanted to marry him and return to being an ordinary woman, spending her life with the man she loved. She worked hard towards this goal.

A Sex Slave's Love Story is a story about the life of such a woman.

◆ Game Features

◇15 basic CGs, including more than 130 differentials

◇Game text: 67,000

◇Visual novel with 1 optional mini-game

A Sex Slave's Love Story is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $5.94 until March 7th, at which point it will cost $6.99.

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