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The Stray Cat of Belheim, C-Laboratory's beat 'em up about a brave catgirl chasing after her sister into a forest of monsters, is now available on DLsite.

The Stray Cat of Belheim is a fantasy beat 'em up in which players take the role of a short catgirl named Mia. She and her sister had lived their lives together in a village neighboring a monster-infested forest. This wasn't a major issue, until one day, Mia's sister wandered into the woods at night. Catching wind of her reckless behavior, Mia chases after her.

To help Mia save her sister, players will have to guide her through side-scrolling arenas. In each stage, you will be attacked by waves of monsters, including orcs, goblins, slimes, and living plants, as well as smaller disruptions and traps. Mia can fight against them using a series of attacks, which can be chained together into combos.

Enemies will challenge her with attacks of their own, including grab attacks. If Mia is knocked out, grabbed, or overwhelmed by lust, she will be abused by her enemies. To help prevent this, players can make Mia masturbate while in safety, reducing her lust, recovering her health, or generating SP for special moves. The game features erotic sprite animations, as well as story CGs.

- Game Summary

This is a simple, combo-based 2D ero-action game.

Take control of Mia the catgirl, and slice your way through hordes of enemies to reach the next stage!

No complicated inputs required!

A gamepad is recommended, but you can also use a keyboard.

- Story

In a small village near a vast sea of trees known as Belheim Forest,

there lives a catgirl named Mia. One night, she notices her sister

wandering into the monster-infested woods.

To keep her beloved sister safe from the dangers that lurk within,

Mia plunges into the depths of the timber-choked darkness after her.

And so begins Mia's night of adventure...and peril.

Will she and her sister return home safely?

The Stray Cat of Belheim is now available on DLsite for $10.18 (estimated from ¥1,386). A demo of the game is also available on the store page.

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