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A crowdfunding campaign for the science fiction yuri game Save the World has started on Kickstarter.

Winter Wolves' Save the World is a science fiction visual novel where one woman’s answers change the state of the world. Ekiya is a woman in London who just went through a breakup and is having trouble finding a new job due to her heritage. While struggling to make ends meet with her roommate Sarah, her life takes another strange turn when she gets abducted by aliens. The leader of the aliens is Xen, a nonbinary alien with a female body. They asked Ekiya simple questions about the state of Earth and the problems it was facing. Thinking that these were innocent questions, she talks about the uneven distribution of wealth and how she has been struggling.

The next day, Xen came to Earth and proclaimed that everyday, the wealthiest individuals on Earth will be killed. Day after day, the number of people killed will increase little by little. Even though the earthlings tried to fight back against the aliens’ rule, they were no match for their advanced technology. Now, the world has become worse than what Ekiya expected, and she wants to put a stop to Xen’s plan. Can she convince the aliens to stop and leave Earth, or will she have to stop them by force?

This game will have two love interests: Sarah and Xen; and four different endings. Xen trusts Ekiya’s opinion and asks her for advice often. This leaves you to make choices as Ekiya and decide how to deal with this situation. Will you try to negotiate with them peacefully or get them to shape the world into what you desire? The choice is yours.

Winter Wolves needs €4,000 (approximately $4,236 USD) to fund Save the World. If they reach their goal, they have three stretch goals planned.

At €5,000 (approximately $5,292 USD), the developer will add bonus scenes, CGs, and more outfits for the main characters. Some of the scenes will include sexy and cute CGs and outfits.

At €6,000 (approximately $6,351USD), another H-scene featuring Agent Castillo will be added to the game. She will not become a love interest in the game, but you can have a one-night-stand with her. This scene will have at least two CGs.

At €7,000 (approximately $7,409 USD), a theme song will be made, along with more scenes and CGs of Sarah and Xen will be added.

If you make a pledge towards this campaign, you can receive multiple rewards depending on the tier you choose.

For €1.00 (approximately $2.00 USD), you will get a game wallpaper and your name in the credits.

For €8.00 (approximately $9.00 USD), you will receive your name in the credits and a digital copy of Save the World on either or Steam. If you choose the Steam version, you will need to download the 18+ DLC to access the game’s sexual content.

For €12.00 (approximately $13.00 USD), you will receive the rewards from the previous tier, and bonus DLC, which includes the soundtrack and a wallpaper for each character in the game.

For €15.00 (approximately $16.00 USD), the rewards from the previous tier and a beta version of the game.

For €30.00 (approximately $32.00 USD), you will receive the rewards from the previous tier, and a digital PDF of the artbook and game guide.

For €60.00 (approximately $64.00 USD), you will receive everything from the previous tier and five Winter Wolves titles of your choice.

For €95.00 (approximately $101.00 USD), you will receive everything from the previous reward tier and five more games by Winter Wolves.

For €125.00 (approximately $132.00 USD), you will receive everything from the previous reward tier and the chance to work with the developer to design a tasteful nude pin-up. You will get to choose which female character, the pose she will be in, and the setting. This reward is limited to three backers, with two claimed, as of writing.

The campaign for Save the World ends on March 23rd. You can find more information about the game on Kickstarter. As of writing this article, Winter Wolves has raised €4,127 (approximately $4,370 USD) of their €4,000 (approximately $4,263 USD) goal.

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