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PRIMITIVE HEARTS, DOPPELGESICHT’s RPG about a group of adventurers fighting against an evil empire, has been released on Kagura Games, Steam, and GOG Games.

PRIMITIVE HEARTS is a classical fantasy RPG, inspired by staples of the genre. The game takes place in a world which prospered thanks to the power of crystals, which were developed by an ancient civilization.

Unfortunately, overreliance on this irreplaceable technology made crystals a strategic vulnerability for many kingdoms. The Empire decided to take control over the world by seizing all of the crystals for themselves, with the south already falling into their hands. Throughout the game, players will take control of an adventurer who departs from his village after becoming frustrated by the state of the war.

On his travels, the protagonist discovers an ancient cave that holds the secrets to potentially stopping the Empire. Throughout his travels, he’s joined by two heroines: Lucy, his childhood friend, and Meiko, the daughter of a noble family.

The game features many genre elements expected of traditional RPGs, such as random encounters and turn-based battles. Players can experiment with their strategies using the game’s job system, allowing characters to change classes and outfits. The game’s erotic content is available through visits to love hotels scattered throughout the world. There’s a simulation mini-game, in which players have to caress various parts of the heroine’s body, as well as unique scenes depending on her outfit.

On a planet very much like our own, culture and society prospered thanks to the legacy of an ancient civilization called the Crystal. The Titania Empire has set out to conquer the world, craving power at the cost of peace. The entire planet is on the verge of falling under their control, with the southern continent already being taken. Frustrated with the state of the world, a single young adventurer sets out from his hometown, unaware of the twist of fate that awaits him…

Level up, learn new abilities, and use the Job system to customize your party to gain an advantage against your enemies.

Unlock different endings depending on which of the girls you decide to romance and the choices you make on your adventure.

PRIMITIVE HEARTS is now available on Kagura Games for the promotional price of $13.49, as well as on Steam and GOG, for the full price of $14.99. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed separately using a patch found on the publisher’s website, while the GOG version instead requires a separate unrated DLC.

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