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Casual Clicker Trained By a Succubus Now Available on Steam

Trained by a Succubus, Jhinbrush's clicker game about enduring a succubus’ training while avoiding her advances, has released on Steam.

Trained by a Succubus is a simple clicking game developed by Jhinbrush, who previously worked on the drink-mixing eroge, Milf Bar, and the 3D clicker, Wife Massage. In this game, players will be training under a succubus that wants to suck them dry. Gameplay revolves around clicking on a heart button to fill up the gauge on the right, while stars are being shot at at the player. The stars with boobs on them have to be avoided, while the stars yellow hearts with flowers on them are safe to touch. Stay close to the heart button and fill up the gauge to weaken the succubus.

Another minigame in Trained by a Succubus involves clicking on stars until they disappear. You'll need to click on the yellow stars repeatedly to get rid of them, moving down the succubus’s body and quickly removing the stars. Every click will turn the star red and reduce its size until it disappears. Every level has a 2D erotic animation that will loop in the background while gameplay takes place. In total, the game features seventeen scenes and twenty animations.

“Trained by a Succubus” is our new Casual game, where you must survive training by a real Succubus. With awesome 2D animation, this is a must play!

You will have to survive the training, using your ability to dodge. The sensual Succubus will teach you her arts.

Manage your skills wisely if you want to survive her training.

You must dodge the dark stars and eat the yellow one, always close to the Heart Button.

What you can find in the game:

• A challenging enemy that wants to teach you in differents ways.

• Beautiful pictures and animations. 17 Scenes and 20 loop animations.

• Incredible sound and visual effects.

You can purchase Trained by a Succubus on sale from Steam for $5.39. After March 2nd, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $5.99.

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