Putting the D in the double D.

Visual novel about an exhausted writer and a stray cat, Selene ~Apoptosis~ has released on Steam.

Developed by Viscum key and Nupu Neko Dev, Selene ~Apoptosis~ is a story split into two parts. The first follows a nameless protagonist, who is a writer struggling with a project. He hears banging at his front door in the middle of the night. When he checks to see who is causing such a ruckus, he finds a drenched cat, portrayed as a catgirl.

The second part follows Ethan, a man working with the nameless writer on his project. Ethan receives a message from him, expecting it to be the first draft of the project. What he got instead were multiple disturbing images. After this event, strange things started happening around Ethan. He keeps seeing a woman with dark hair appearing in his dreams and even sees her in reality. This situation reaches a point that his wife Hope believes that Ethan is cheating on her, causing the pair to fall apart.

As you progress through the game, you will receive secret television segments and journals that reveal some information about what is happening. You can review the television segments and any H-scenes that you have collected by clicking the TV icon. The notes, which are formatted like a Word document, will display diary entries from characters, working as a log where you can look over text you have already seen. The game has multiple endings and six H-scenes, if you have downloaded the 18+ DLC. There is also partial voice acting available in both Japanese and English. German and Italian voice acting will be added in the future.


- A mystic thriller/horror story inspired by David Lynch and Stephen King's works.

- The main story is completely free.

- You can pet a cute catgirl!

- Japanese and English voiceover for female characters (German and Italian coming soon). You can also choose to switch that off.

- S0U P ?

- Choices-driven branching narrative.

- Multiple endings.

- Secret discovery journal.

You can download Selene ~Apoptosis~ on Steam for free. The 18+ patch can be purchased as DLC for $2.99.

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